Please choose one primary role and one secondary role for your character and build them accordingly. Please don’t choose the same combination and order as another character.

The Brains – The idea man. With an almost inhuman intelligence and charm, he puts together the jobs, the team and the usually insanely complicated plan to hold it all together. This character’s usual function on the job is ‘overwatch’, directing the team and pulling all the strings from behind the scenes. However he has all the skills and knowhow to handle any situation himself – usually balanced with some troublesome personal hang-up (e.g. don’t know when to quit, alcoholism, revenge minded…).
Examples: Hannibal Smith (A-team), Danny Ocean (Ocean’s 11), Neil McCauley (Heat), Lupin (Lupin 3rd)
Recommended Edges: Brave, Luck, Nerves of Steel, any Leadership edge, Jack-of-all-trades, any Social edge

Heavy – Often an ex-professional fighter, soldier or simply a badass. There are times that call for stealth or guile, and there are times that call for a door to be kicked down and some heads to be kicked in. This archetype specializes in the latter. He’s around to help with carrying heavy things, beating people up, acting as a bodyguard or being threatening and menacing. All this said, the heavy doesn’t actually have to be heavy, a martial arts master or a little guy who packs a whallop works just as well.
Examples: B.A. Baracchus (A-Team), Goemon (Lupin 3rd), Chewbacca (You know)
Recommended Edges: Brawny, any Combat edge, Danger Sense

Thief – When somewhere needs breaking into without any breaking…without anyone knowing, this is the person to do it. This character could teach ghosts about keeping unseen. Usually comes with a few handy tech, lock picking and or slight-of-hand skills to boot.
Examples: The little Chinese guy in Ocean’s 11, Fujiko (Lupin 3rd), Catwoman
Recommended Edges: Thief, Alertness, Quick, Fleet-Footed, Dodge, Acrobat

Techie – The gadgeteer genius who builds all the special stuff you need to break into the vault security, alarm systems, or any clockwork setup. Like the brains, this character usually acts behind the scenes prepping and running their amazing works while the rest of the team…erm…works.
Examples: Q (007), Luther Stickell (Mission Impossible), Samantha Carter (Stargate)
Recommended Edges: Weird Science, any Power edge, Gadgeteer, McGyver, Mr. Fixit, Scholar, Scavenger

Face – A smooth line and even smoother style gets this character into any place he wants, be it a meeting of military brass or the bedroom of a dictator’s wife. Usually combined with a disguise skill, the face can be anyone at anytime. Sometimes they are referred to as a Grifter.
Examples: Face (A-team), Lupin/Fujiko (Lupin 3rd), Rusty Ryan (Ocean’s 11)
Recommended Edges: Attractive/Very Attractive, Linguist, any Social edges

Only available as secondary
Wheel-man – The driver, can get any vehicle to move like a professional ballet dancer. When gassed up, and ready to roll, nothing can stop or catch this character. For that matter, when out of gas and the ride has been beaten to hell, he still has a fair chance of getting the crew out alive – even if his true love, the ride, doesn’t make it.
Examples: Jigen (Lupin 3rd), The Transporter (The Transporter), Han Solo (SW)
Recommended Edges: Alertness, Ambidextrous, Quick, Ace


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