Game Rules

Base Rules:

Savage Worlds – Deluxe Edition (Download)

New Edges:

The Noble edge in the standard Savage Worlds rules is replaced by the Aristocrat edge described below.

Arcane Background: Weird Science (Background Edge):
You have a deep understanding of Steam Engine technology, Electrical theory and metal fabrication. Using a combination of these talents, you are able to produce devices that can generate extraordinary, super-scientific effects.
Characters who take this edge get 10 Power Points and 2 Powers. The Gadgeteering skill is used to determine the success or failure of Weird Science powers.

Graft Specialist (Prerequisite: Veteran Rank; d12 Healing skill):
Your character has learned the art of Mechanautic Surgery. Given sufficient time and resources you can graft Mechanautic augmentations on to a pliant subject. See “Technology” for detailed rules on Mechanautics.

Mechanautic (Background Edge):
You have mechanautic prosthetics grafted on to your body. The common view of mechanautics is that it is an abomination of God’s creation; anyone sporting mechanautic enhancements will be viewed with fear and disdain by polite society. You suffer a permanent -2 Charisma penalty for each mechanautic enhancement you have installed. See the “Technology” section below for more rules governing the use of Mechanautics.

Because you have taken this edge as part of your character’s background, you gain 1 Mechanautic Enhancement free of charge (see “Gear” below). All future Mechanautic augmentations will cost money.

Tesla Ranger (Background Edge):
You are a member of the Tesla Rangers – a mysterious group of fighters working against anarchists and warmongerers. Entrusted with advanced technology, this player gains:
Martial Artist Edge (Savate), a Teslablade, Teslarmor, and the Loyalty Hindrance.

Characters with the Aristocrat edge are members of the nobility. Each time this edge is taken, the character gains one more aristocratic rank. Characters can take this edge as many times as they like during character creation but can only take it once per tier thereafter (i.e. once at Novice, once at Seasoned, etc.)

  • Knights have little more than their title to boast of. The style of ‘Sir’ or ‘Dame’ is not hereditary and the Knight holds no lands, but they can partake of the fringe benefits of aristocratic society. They get invited to all of the right social occasions and can rub elbows with a higher class of nobles.
  • Baronets are usually the children of landed gentry. They enjoy a bit more prestige than a Knight but do not generally hold any lands of their own, apart from those entrusted to them by their relatives. Baronets are accustomed to the niceties of courtly life and can readily obtain invitations to meet with most non- royal nobles.
  • Barons are landowners. The title of Baron is hereditary and carries with it a land grant of at least 20 square miles to be held by the Baron’s family in perpetuity. This parcel of land comes equipped with a manor house and servants. At the Game Master’s discretion, the Baron may draw an annual stipend from the labor of his tenants.
  • A Viscount holds more land than a Baron and is usually related to or is a vassal of a more powerful Earl or Count.
  • Earls are very powerful noblemen who can petition the ear of the King. They hold broad tracts of land and draw a considerable income from their tenants.
  • Ranks above Earl (such as Duke and Prince) are certainly possible to achieve but would require a special in-game reason to justify.

Furthermore, Aristocrats gain one gadget of their choice – a creation of weird science. Note, they do not automatically gain the Gadgetry skill to control it with.


Language is a very important consideration in this setting. It is not enough to simply be able to speak the local tongue, but to speak it with the proper accent so that you don’t appear to be an ill-bred bumpkin. All characters begin play with the ability to speak their native tongue in an accent that befits their social status (i.e. a poor British agent may have a thick East Ender accent whereas a well-mannered baronet would speak in posh, imperious tones). Characters can learn 1 additional language for every level of Smarts they possess above a d4. Additional languages follow the standard rules.

Gadgeteering is a skill required by “Weird Scientists” to use their powers.

Airships use the pilot skill.


Gear is limited by the era. Exceptions are allowed, see GM if you want something special.


  • Hand Weapons – Medieval, Modern

  • Armor – Medieval, Modern

  • Ranged Weapons – Medieval, Black Powder, Modern Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, Gatling

  • Special Weapons – Cannon, Catapult, Bazooka, Flamethrower, Grenades

Mechanautics are artificial parts that can be grafted on to the human body. See Technology for detailed rules pertaining to Mechanautic enhancements.

Nightlamp Eyes Head Eyes replaced; can see in dark
Telescopic Eyes Head Eyes replaced; +1 on all Shooting rolls and Notice checks
Aqualung Head Can breathe underwater
Steam Powered Arm Arm +2 to all Strength rolls; arm replaced
Sword Arm Arm STR +d6 damage sword arm; arm replaced; +1 Parry
Hidden Blade Arm STR +d4 damage dagger arm; concealed weapon
Saw/Drill Arm Arm 2d6+4 damage; risk of jamming; arm replaced
Weapon Arm Arm Can replace arm with a weapon
Steam Powered Leg Leg +2 Pace; leg replaced; +d6 jumping
Propeller Leg Leg Doubled Swim pace; leg replaced; -1 Pace on land
Cannon Leg Leg Leg can be loaded and shot like a cannon; leg replaced
Rocket Leg Leg Fly for 3 rounds; leg replaced; 2 action reload
Wagon-taur Legs Hindquarters replaced by a steam-powered wagon; both legs replaced
Armor Grafting Torso Armor +3; metal plates grafted to body
Shielded Vitals Torso Any time you would be Shaken, make a Vigor check to resist the effect
Redundant Life Support Torso Ignore 1 injury or mortal wound of your choice
Vengeance Device Torso When you die, you explode for 5d6 damage in a Large Blast Template area
Frame Reinforcement Torso May use any large modern weapons as normal, even if it’s listed as “May not move” (such as machine guns).

Aqualung: Artificial gills are implanted in the Mechanaut’s neck which allow them to breathe water as easily as air.
Armor Grafting: Metal plates are woven into the Mechanaut’s chest, abdomen and back, giving them a 3 bonus to armor.
Weapon Arm: One of the Mechanaut’s forearms is replaced by a fully functioning weapon. This weapon can be fired just like that found on the weapons list except it can be reloaded in half the time.
Cannon Leg: The leg is replaced by a fully functioning cannon barrel, reducing the Mechanaut’s pace by -2. The Mechanaut’s leg can be loaded and shot just like a cannon when they are lying down. The cannon has a range of 50/100/200 and takes a full round to load. Cannon damage is 3d6
1 with a Armor Pierce rating of 4.
Hidden Blade: A switchblade is embedded in the outer portion of the Mechanaut’s forearm. The metal sheath runs along the bones and is invisible to all but the closest inspection. When the Mechanaut flexes certain muscle groups, a dagger blade snaps out from the hidden sheath. The dagger inflicts STR+d4 damage. Even though this augmentation isn’t readily visible, it still carries the regular Charisma penalty.
Nightlamp Eyes: The Mechanaut’s eyes are replaced shuttered lenses that impart basic vision under both normal light conditions and absolute darkness.
Propeller Legs: The Mechanaut’s legs are replaced entirely by articulated propeller shafts. The leg is awkward to use on dry land and reduces the Mechanaut’s walking pace by -1. However in water the propeller doubles the Mechanaut’s Swimming pace.
Redundant Life Support: The Mechanaut’s vital organs are hooked up to an internal engine that is designed to kick into gear when the body experiences major organ failure. This can be used one time to ignore any injury or mortal wound of the Mechanaut’s choice. Once used, this augmentation needs to be reinstalled to work a second time. Subsequent installations do not carry an additional Charisma cost.
Rocket Legs: The legs are entirely replaced by artificial legs that has rocket boosters secreted in the calf and heel. When the Mechanaut wishes, they can ignite these boosters and fly at double their normal pace for 3 rounds. The leg needs to be reloaded with fuel between flights.
Saw Arm: One forearm is replaced with a circular saw-blade. The Mechanaut loses the function of one hand. If the player rolls a Natural 1 on both their Fighting and Wild Card die, their saw blade kicks off its target and strikes the Mechanaut instead.
Shielded Vitals: The Mechanaut’s vital organs are protected by a special internal housing. Any time the Mechanaut would be Shaken by damage, they gain a free soak roll without spending any Bennies. This enhancement stacks with the “taking it on the plating” maneuver (see Gameplay).
Steam Powered Arm: One arm is replaced entirely by a piston driven steam powered arm. This arm includes a fully articulated hand. The Mechanaut gains a +2 bonus to all Strength checks and a +2 to melee damage from this arm
Steam Powered Leg: One leg is replaced entirely by a piston driven steam powered leg. The Mechanaut’s Pace is increase by +2 and they can add an extra d6 to any Leaping rolls.
Sword Arm: One forearm is replaced with a 3’ sword blade. The Mechanaut loses the function of one hand but gains a +1 to their Parry score.
Telescopic Eyes: The Mechanaut’s eyes are replaced by zoom lenses that can extend to render distant objects in fine detail. This can be stacked with Nightlamp Eyes.
Vengeance Device: The Mechanaut has a bomb implanted in their chest cavity that is wired to explode when their heart stops. The explosion inflicts 5d6 points of damage over a Large Blast Template area.
Wagon-taur: Both legs are surgically removed and replaced with a four-wheeled wagon bed. A steam engine provides locomotive force. The Mechanaut’s Torso is installed at the head of the wagon where it is hooked up to the drive train. The Mechanaut can move at a Pace of 8 and a Sprint of d10 even while carrying very heavy loads. The wagon bed is about 5′×5′ in size. This enhancement counts as two augmentations.

Game Rules

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