The year is 1914, and Europe is a dangerous place. The Great Western Republic feverishly and tenuously holds on to it’s vast empire. France is a war-torn ruin of freedom fighters and tyrants. Germany’s seemingly unstoppable industry and its steel clad soldiers ready their weapons of war. Russia is a land of wizards and mad machine men. While Africa remains a mysterious place, home to dragons, monsters…and worse. The continent is a place of triumph and tragedy. A place where aristocrats sip wine together while their countries war, where spies and saboteurs are everywhere, where magnificent ships float through the sky and bellicose villains lurk in the shadows. The future is full of danger, adventure and opportunity, and those with a sense of adventure race towards it, full steam ahead.

The plan is a high adventure, puply, episodic game. Each session will be self contained – but larger arcs will hopefully work out. Stories at current are planned in the vein of caper films; think the A-Team, Lupin the 3rd, Batman, Leverage, Magnificent 7, Burn Notice, the Heist, Heat etc. Please look through the sections below for more.

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Full Steam Ahead

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